A Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) and

of the Russian Academy of Education (RAE),

Doctor of Science (Phys&Math),

Rector, Moscow State University of Education




Prof. A. Semenov is an expert in mathematical logic, algorithm theory, theoretical and applied programming.

Prof. A. Semenov was born on October 13, 1950 in Moscow. In 1972 he graduated from the School of Mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow State University. He was a professor in the Dept. of Mathematical Logic; head, Algorithms Theory and Linguistic Tools Lab, Cybernetics Board, USSR Academy of Sciences, vice project leader, School-1 Project, USSR Academy of Sciences; he served as Vice Head, Dept. of Education, Moscow City Hall.

Since 1993 he has been Rector, Moscow Open Education Institute (Moscow Teachers Retraining Institute prior to 2002). Since August, 2013 he is Rector, Moscow State University of Education.

Prof. A. Semenov’s contribution to theoretical computer science includes his achievements in formal grammar, software flowcharts and dynamic logic, relational algebra, automata-based relations, resolving algorithms for a number of mathematical theories; he has developed the algorithmic randomness theory of finite sequences, the parallel Kolmogorov combinatorial incidence theory based on the Kolmogorov complexity concept; he has solved the Kolmogorov problem of accurate randomness test evaluation.

Prof. A. Semenov has organized and has been directly involved in the development of the first domestic high school computer science textbook, federal computer science textbooks and digital tutorials on various subjects for primary and middle school, the Russian General Education Portal covering on-hands experience with IT and telecommunication technology at high schools; he is chief designer for the Education area, Digital Moscow Program.

Major Publications: IT for Education. Course Curriculum (2000); Open and Distance Learning. Trends, Policy, Strategies (2004); IT Competence of Students and Teachers (2004); IT for Training Teachers. A Planning Guide (2005); IT for Education: Middle School Curriculums and Teacher Retraining Programs (2005); Digital Tutorials for General and Primary Vocational Education(2005); IT for General Education. Theory and Applications (2006).

Prof. A. Semenov has been awarded the RF President Education Award (1998); the Kolmogorov Award, Russian Academy of Sciences (2006) for his outstanding contribution to mathematics, a Russian Government Award (2009), a UNESCO Award (2009).


Major Publications

In Russian

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In English

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