Professor of Engineering, Lab Director,

Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA), Bologna, Italy,

Degree in nuclear engineering, majoring in neutron sources, Bologna University (1978),


Certified engineer


1979–1984: Collaboration with Tecniche Nuove Publishing House, Milano. Publication of 45 papers on energy saving technologies for industrial and residential environment, alternative energy sources, environmental footprint analysis.

1981–1984: ENEA, Bologna grant for the Gamma Spectrometry Analysis of Nuclear Fuel Samples project.

1984–1990: Fast Neutrons Reactor Safety and Accident Probability Assessment project, in collaboration with the Italian Nuclear Agency (NIRA), Ansaldo, Genova.


- Environment Optimization and Recovery of Soil Contaminated with Toxic and Radioactive Substances;

- Development of analysis models for ionized particles transfer and radiation in nuclear reactors.



ENEA, scientific supervisor for the following projects under the 5th Framework Program, Euratom, EU:

- European Validation of the Integral code Astec, EVITA;

- Validating Severe Accident Codes against Phebus plant applications, PHEBEN;

- Joint Safety Research Index, JSRI2;

- Phebus Thematic Network, THENPHEBISP.



- ENEA, scientific supervisor for the Severe Accident Research Network of Excellence project, SARNET, 6th Framework Program, Euratom, EU;

- ENEA, task leader, European Lead-cooled System;

- Containment System project, 6th Framework Program, Euratom, EU;

- Analysis and Assessment of Nuclear Accidents Caused by Improper Plant Control;

- Research coordinator, Analysis and Assessment of Nuclear and Chemical Facility Accident Consequences (ENEA, Bologna University, Milano Polytechnic Institute, Experimental Electrical Engineering Center (CESI), Applied Mathematics Institute Russian Academy of Sciences, Obninsk Nuclear University).


Since 1986: ENEA expert, a member of the Group on the Analysis and Management of Accidents (GAMA), Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations (CSNI), Paris.


Since 2000:

- a member of the IAEA technical committee Accident Analysis for Current and New Generation Nuclear Power Plants, IAEA, Vienna;

- a member of the Cooperative Severe Accident Research Program (CSARP) and MELCOR Code Assessment Program (MCAP) group, International Collaboration for MELCOR Code Development, Analysis, and Validation, USNRC ‒ Sandia National Laboratories, Washington, USA.



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