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№ 4 (20)  2015


  Mathematics and Information Technology for Oil and Gas Industry International Conference commemorating the anniversary of P. Chebyshev, the great Russian mathematician. First call for papers

  R. M. Shagaliev, Yu. N. Korzakov, Yu. V. Logvin, A. N. Petrik, A. S. Rybkin, G. P. Semyonov, A. V. Shatokhin, S. O. Chernykh, V. V. Yuzhakov Super ECM Developments by FSUE “RFNC-VNIIEF” — for Peace-Time Industries in Russia

  S. V. Panfyorov Synthetic Tasks in Teacher Arsenal and Their Place in Educational Process Optimization



  F. B. Betelin, V. F. Nikitin, N. N. Smirnov, E. V. Mikhalchenko, E. I. Skryleva, L. I. Stamov, V. V. Tyurenkova Methods and Approaches to Core Sample Simulation

  V. P. Koshcheev, Yu. N. Shtanov, D. A. Morgun, T. A. Panina Modelling of the Diffusion Coefficient of Channeled Particles

  V. A. Galkin, T. V. Gavrilenko, A. A. Egorov, N. I. Ladygin, V. V. Tereshenko Numerical Modeling of Problem of Particles with Source Coagulation

  I. V. Bychin, A. V. Gorelikov, A. V. Ryakhovsky Numerical Modeling of MHD-Flows with Constant Power

  A. B. Zhuravlyov, I. S. Nikitin, V. L. Yakushev Mathematical Modeling of the Biomechanical Response of Intrastromal Corneal Shape Correction

  G. A. Shadrin Photon Correlation Spectroscopy Using a Digital Video

  M. L. Bakhmutsky Integration Nonlinear Parabolic Equation by Explicit Finite-Difference Scheme with Adaptive Smoothing

  A. G. Nazin Method of Constructing Contoured Surfaces


   V. A. Ostreykovsky, M. A. Pogorelovsky Stages of Development of the Theory of Man-Made Risks in the Safety Assessment of Complex

  A. S. Ushakova, V. V. Zatsepin, A. A. Kudryashov, P. P. Povzhik The Efficiency of High Pressure Air Injection into Light Oil Low Permeability Reservoir by the Field Application Results

  I. N. Danilenko, D. A. Kuzin, K. S. Ignatova Service-Oriented Architectural Patterns for Heterogeneous Information Systems Integration

  A. S. Ushakova Crude Oil and Core Oxidation in Presence by Differential Dcanning Calorimetry for Air Injection Projects

  V. M. Eskov, D. V. Gorbunov, M. I. Zimin, G. A. Shadrin Verification of Glansdorff-Prigogine Theorem on the Calculation of the Biosystems Entropy

  V. V. Eskov, T. V. Gavrilenko, M. I. Zimin, Y. V. Vokhmina, N. A. Chernikov  Neurocomputing Modeling of Real Neural Network Identifiers

  M. A. Krivitskaya, K. I. Bushmeleva Analysis Methods Curriculum Design Under New Educational Standards Higher Education

  P. V. Zaikin, M. A. Pogorelovsky, V. S. Mikshina Approximation of Experimental Data Functions by High Order Polinomial

  D. A. Fedorov Models and Algorithms Diagnostics Atherosclerosis of Lower Extremities

  A. V. Raskina Non-parametric Adaptive Dual-Curcuit Control of Dynamic Processes in Partial Indeterminancy

  A. I. Pereguda, S. V. Ermakov Methods of Information Systems Reliability Calculation

  R. M. Kerimov Optimisation of Subpixel Multispectral Remote Probing Using Linear Programming

  G. N. Isakov, A. R. Manaeva A New Approach to the Methodology of Determining the Input Data in the Construction of Mathematical Model of Floor Coverings Thermal Decomposition in Case of Fire

  V. A. Ostreykovsky Current Research Areas in the Evaluation of Technical Risk in the Equipment Operation Studies

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